Dec 29, 2007


My dad is in the hospital. He just went in 5.5 hours ago. We're not exactly sure what happened...maybe it was another heart attack (this would be his 3rd), maybe he just worked too hard (him and my mom were repairing the attic), maybe it was just a spell, maybe, maybe, maybe... I've always been on the other side of the phone, as my mom calls to tell my sister and I what has happened. Then my sister and I wait, then go to the hospital and wait some more. Today I was the one calling my sister to tell her to wait. I was the one, with my mom, who had to rush my dad to the hospital, who had to see him in the most pain I've ever seen him in. I didn't like it.

I'm at home now waiting while my mom lies next to my dad in his room at Northwest Hospital. I hate waiting. I've been waiting for the past 15 months for full financial support to go to Ukraine. I've been waiting to hear from this person or that person about meetings. I've been waiting for 27 years for a man, the man! I've been waiting to see what my family will say next. Waiting to hear about my grandpa's health and how far along the cancer is. And now here I am waiting, once again. I'm tired of waiting.

What is God doing? Teaching me patience? Teaching me to find peace in His provision, His sovereignty, His love? Ya. It's been a tough 15 months...especially the last four. Patience and Peace...bring it on.

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lp said...

raw and real, deb.
good stuff.