Nov 30, 2007

I'm Ready

The past two days I have been back in Conway hanging out with the FBC youth group and a friend of mine/fellow JV missionary in Czech Republic, HoboNate. We had a good time chatting, laughing, smack-talking, and playing Wii. Amidst all the goodtimes, though, it really made me miss youth ministry and being a part of a group.

You can read about why Nate looks homeless here.

Nate and I sat down and had a good talk about support raising and just being back in the states. It was really encouraging. It was cool to have a little piece of my JV life come together with my Conway life. Also seeing him, hearing his story/his passion, talking about support, talking about, it just made me so ready. I'm so ready to be there. I'm ready to be done with raising support. I'm ready to pass this in-between stage of my life. I'm ready to do what God has called me to do in Ukraine! I know God has so much purpose in me still being in the states, which I have seen and felt...but...I'm ready.

Last night I just layed in bed for hours chatting with God about my heart. It was good. I just needed to word vomit about anything and everything, no matter if it made sense or not. I had to let it all out...things that you don't want to say out loud, but are still in your mind...I said them. It was so good. God is getting me there. Sometimes it takes a good visit with your old youth group, a visit with a fellow-missionary, and a word vomit sesson with God to make your heart hurt and get you back on track.

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