Nov 3, 2007

My Papa


garrett said...

good pictures. see you tomorrow (saturday in conway)

Anonymous said...

Your blog makes me inspired to do things on my blog. You blog like there is some amazing blog art that wells up within your soul. You blog like "blog" is just another word for "large hunks of my very being." You blog like there is no tomorrow, but there could be a tomorrow, if just a few more beatifully selected blog articles could be found to save the world from imminent destruction by satisfying the alien overlords with a few bits of blog-honest blogness.

My, what a blog,


Anonymous said...

"A little funny"? That's all I get after a post like that? Now, maybe I am being modest, but I thought that was quite a humorous post. Maybe not spray-milk-out-your-nose-funny, but at least die-from-inability-to-take-a-deep-breath-funny.

Here, let me explain why it was very funny. First of all, there is this continuing wry tone that permeates the comment. Then there is the excessive use of the word "blog" creating a defined "staccato," shall we call it, throughout the piece. Then, the way that it builds from a normal comment to sheer ridiculosity within a few sentences keeps the reader occupied until, "bam!" there is the alien invasion comment putting the level of ridiculosity out of this world.
So, you see, in my humble opinion, this brings us to my final point: I'm amazing.

Anyway, how is processing going? Is it good to be back? Does it suck to be back? I imagine it is both, an unsortable amount of both. That's how coming back was for me after my first long trip. Maybe you're different.

Penny for your thoughts?