Nov 22, 2007

One Day at a Time

It's been a while since I've really posted anything...I know pictures don't really count. I've just been SO busy since I've been in the states. Here's a rundown of my life since October 1st:

-Did nothing for a couple days in Rogers because of jetlag & adjusting

-Went to Texas to visit my grandparents

-Went to Conway for a week; meeting friends & moving,p>
-Meeting with my girls from the FBC high school youth group, whom I have discipled for the past 4 years and who are now in college...they grow up so fast!

-Lots of support meetings/emails/phone calls

-Started subsitute teaching/ many stories to go with this one!

-Catching up with old friends who are in the Rogers area...being back to the place I went to junior high and high school is such a trip

-House-sat in Conway for a week, during which I met with several people & moved the rest of my stuff to Rogers

-Visited CBC (where I used to work) a couple times

-Had a "Taste of Ukraine" fundraiser dinner, hosted by my wonderful friend Amanda Collins

-Smiled pretty for family photos

-Went to Alabama to see friends and speak at a UNA Alpha Delta Chi sorority retreat

-Took a short trip to Branson with my parents and my sister and her husband



WHEW! Yep, that's my life. I'm sorry if I haven't been so quick to blog about it all, though I do have some fun stories...maybe I'll share those later. I have, however, updated my pictures' link, so you can check those out. Now I must go enjoy the plethora of food we have prepared for what will probably be my last Thanksgiving in the states for a while.


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