Sep 7, 2007

They've Got This!....Lutsk Follow-Up

I wasn't sure what to expect as I went on my second visit on my Follow-Up Tour. I went to Lutsk, Ukraine. This was an amazing camp for us this summer! So many lives were touched, and I felt God move BIG TIME. I have had the priviledge of seeing this church's progression/growth over the past three years, in regards to leadership, outreach, and just facilitating camp. This summer, I was blown away by how well things went, how well the teams meshed together as one, and how they totally put God first in all we did.

I wasn't sure what to expect because, well, you just never know what is planned or what isn't planned when arriving. I was presently surprised, though, when it was all layed out for me! We had a great camp reunion party the day I got there, at which some campers (who don't go to the church) came to. It was wonderful! The leadership had planned out a great evening filled with games, pictures, dancing the camp song, a drama, and a message. It was beautiful just to see the church really step up.

They set up a table at the party where people could come and write abou their favorite camp memories.

I spent all day one day hanging out with a group of four girls from camp. They just called and asked if I wanted to walk and talk with them, and that is literally just what we did...walked however many miles to the city center, then turned around and walked to the church for some English lessons. It was fantastic! Two of the four girls spoke little to no English, but that did not matter at all. That time I had with those girls was more precious to me than any planned program or scheduled event. I shared my life with them, and they shared their lives with me. I'm definitely learning that this is exactly what this follow-up time is all about. It's not necessarily about meetings, english lessons, or check marks on what the church is or isn't doing. It's about building trust, loving them, and showing them that I truly do care. BEAUTIFUL!

This was my last night in Lutsk. I helped lead an English Bible study. All four of my girls came! Ira, Anya, Tania, and Katia

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Sam Swartz... said...

no comments.. but I have read your updates!! just some encouragement! I love looking at the pictures and hearing about all that you have been doing.

I love you and cannot WAIT to see you!