Sep 6, 2007

The Bed Bugs Really Do Bite!!

Ok, you know how your parents, or whoever, would say when you went to bed, "Goodnight, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite!" Well, I'm just writing to tell you that this is not just a saying. This is real. The bed bugs really do bite!

After our second English camp in Lutsk, we stayed 2 nights at a home, which was lovely and nice. We had a great time and were well taken care of. However! Each day we noticed more and more red bumps appearing on our arms and legs. "Oh those mosquitos," we exclaimed! But, alas, they were not mosquito bites. They were little and red, like chicken pox! We were covered in them. What happened, you ask. We were the victims of bed bugs! They exist! They do! Beware!! We then had to clean all of our things that were in the apartment to make sure no one and nothing else got infested. It was an experience to remember.

So beware, friends. When someone tells you "Don't let the bed bugs bite!" LISTEN and PROTECT YOURSELF by whatever means possible.

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