Jun 1, 2007

My Body Hates Me

Well, I'm here in the big Czech Republic, our first stop before going into Ukraine for the summer. As all the interns enter the country we get together and participate in an amazing race to Malenovice (where we have training). We start in Prague then make our way across the country having to go through different challenges and using any means of transportation necessary all on a set budget....basically just like the reality show The Amazing Race. Look it up if you have no idea what I'm talking about.

SO...let's just say I have not run this much, or even been this physically active in years! The race ended yesterday, and my body is hating me. It was worth it, though. If you'd have asked me during the race, no way would I have said that, but now I can reflect back and say that I did have a great time and am glad to have done it. I have such a sense of accomplishment actually. Our team was in dead last the first two days of the race, but the third day (yesterday) we kicked rear and made it to third. I mean, that's a good jump! We were proud. We had a nice victory dance and celebrated with some ice cream...though, since we hadn't really eaten in the three days, my stomach didn't enjoy the party so much. But whatever. All in all it was fun. I give mad props to those who put the race together...that takes come creativity.

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Alice Robbins said...

Hey Chica!

So glad that you are on this side of the pond! I hope to maybe come on Sunday to see you! It would be great fun to welcome you to my second home, Eastern Europe, which will become yours very soon!!!!

I am glad you did the race. I felt the same way last year when I did it. I am in Polish classes right now, so I can not do the fun summer stuff! :(

See you hopefully soon!