May 15, 2007

Brothers Don't Shake Hands...Brothers Gotta Hug!

They threw me a going away party today at work. It was a surprise...don't know if it was supposed to be, but it was. I thought I was going (a little late) to a meeting, but instead a breakfast party awaited me. It was sweet. Cory--Dir. of Admissions and my boss, I guess :-)--kicked things off. He told about our first meeting at my interview, how his wife knew Brooke and I from a campus ministry back in the day, and how I once convinced the leader of said ministry that I could play drums and proceeded to do so at one of the evening meetings (and I rocked out, by the way!). It was really nice. Cory's great at making me laugh...even when I want to cry. I tried very hard not to cry. SO, I kept my mouth shut for most of the party. I said my thank yous and see you laters, but that was it. I was victorious! No tears!....for today...oh but the tears will flow on Thursday, which is my official last day at work. I'm going to miss them so very much.

I feel like I'm saying goodbye to more than just CBC. I feel like, in part, I'm saying goodbye to Conway and my life here as well. I know I am coming back in August to finish raising support, but it's different. The time I will be back is unknown, and I will be jobless. It won't be the same. It will be more like I'm just visiting.

My heart hurts, and I am sad. It's a good sad, though; one that, after everything you've gone through, in the end you are left with the sweet knowledge that you loved and were loved in return.

I couldn't find pictures of everybody, so don't get your feelings hurt!


lp said...

fantastic title to this entry.

Alice Robbins said...

Here is a hug! Hey, I will not be at intern training. I will be finishing up at my Polish language school. Will you be there? Maybe I can come down one day. . . I need to see. When are you coming???

Alice :)

Kimberly said...

i keep coming back to this quote by dr. seuss, "don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened." sentimental. but at my worst i think--he was a stinkin' rhyming author not a missionary! (: