Mar 18, 2007

The Smoking Patch and a Good Day

So, I know it's been a while since I've posted. I have been a little detained the past couple weeks. I have been quite ill. I've had bronchitis and the flu. It's been fantastic. No...not really. Everyday it sounds like I am hacking up a someone who has smoked for 50 years. I'm surprised someone hasn't brought me some nicotine patches or something. Anyway, I'm much better now...though the flem still remains.

I had the best day today. I spoke at a church this sister and her husband's old church in Fort Smith. I was so nervous! I couldn't figure out why, though! I felt a little like there was some sort of expectation on me because this church loves my sister and brother-in-law so much; I felt like I had to live up to that love and be as wonderful as they are, or as the church thinks they are. I know, that's silly, but I think I felt that way. I went up there, though, as the best darn visual I could be! It was hard to compete with the other visual, though, as it was a Smirnoff bottle...interesting, I know. The cool thing was that the message this morning fit perfectly with what I am doing (not quite sure how the bottle fit in...I think I was in the bathroom trying not to cry at that point of the sermon). It was about giving up everything for God; pursuing Him first and foremost, even if that means taking a risk and going to another country to share the Gospel. It was perfect. God is perfect.

As I came back into Conway, I decided I would continue my good day. I got some sushi, rented a movie, got some ice cream
(not like the pint, "I'm wallowing in self pity" kind of ice cream; just some "I'm having a good day" ice cream), went home, and have had a lovely movie/sushi/ice cream/relaxing evening. Yep, I'm a easy to please date. Give me a movie and a couch and I'm good! *sigh* It was a great day.


Sammi Swartz said...

ice cream and sushi? who does that?!

in other matters, I LOVE YOU!!

Michael said...

That is great! I am glad to hear it went well. We need to update eachother soon on how we are both coming along in this whole process

garrett said...

We were glad to have you there and that you got to make a few connections.