Feb 12, 2007

God Party Series Part 1

So, I've changed my blog's look yet again. I just got so bored with the other. This one at least has all the colors that I enjoy (blue, yellow, orange). ANYWAY...as I am boring you now, I shall pick things up with my first amazing story about what God has been doing in my life the past month and a half...How how I have been constantly blown away by His amazing provision!

I did not have enough support to go to MTI for missionary training. I needed at least $500 yet to raise within a week. December was a really hard month for me. Support raising was very hard, not only in finding people to join my team but also for me to focus with Christmas and MTI training approaching. So...as time drew closer and closer for me to leave for the holidays, I prayed so hard for God to provide the $500 I needed. I mean, I had been only raising support for 3.5 months, and I couldn't already be in the red!

I went on about my work, my Christmas break, my travels to Texas and back to Arkansas, checking when I could my support status...I saw no changes. Then, as I was about to leave for MTI I hesitantly went online to check my support status once more. Amazingly, I found that God had provided more than the needed $500! This just doesn't happen to me. I hear stories of people praying for exact amounts, then getting them, but rarely does it happen to me. But...it did. God is so cool.

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