Feb 19, 2007

God Party Part 4

Here's a good one!

I was sitting at work last Wednesday when, randomly, a lady from my church came in to get her son's iPod he had left there. Anyway, so we started chatting a bit. She started asking me questions about Ukraine, when I'm leaving, goal departure and all...THEN she proceeded to ask me if I needed or just wanted something, that I could take with me overseas when I go. What?! I was confused and flabbergasted. No one has ever asked me this question...ever. I was honestly blown away!

She told me about a friend of hers who had gone to Thailand and wanted some coffee thing and couldn't find it there, so she got it for her...thus she thought she could do that for me. Well, I was so amazed by her asking that I was speechless (I know, a first for me). Then something kept popping into my head, but I didn't want to say it. A couple weeks before, I had been talking to some people at MTI about how I would like an iPod, but the only way I'd ever get one is if someone gave it to me because there's no way I could afford it. So, honestly, since then--especially on my drive home from Colorado--I was really thinking a lot about an iPod because there are so many reasons for me to get one. How could I ask for this, though? It just seemed like so much! But, then I got this wave of boldness, feeling like it wasn't such a bad thing, and if she was asking then I should be open and honest with what I needed. So...still a bit hesitant...I mentioned that I had been thinking about the iPod, and without a pause she said ok! She then talked about the different kinds of mp3 players there are and what kind I would like...during which I just sat there in awe...(she said my face was several shades of red)...I totally thought I was going to cry, then pass out, then wake up and cry some more. She then said, as she was leaving, that I will receive an iPod by the end of April! CRAZY!

What is also so cool about this event was the fact that not five seconds before we started talking, I was typing in my support newsletter about God's provision and glory. AMAZING! I am BLOWN AWAY once again just by recounting the story.

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