Feb 16, 2007

God Party Part 3

So, last week basically rocked...so much happened that constantly put me in awe of God's provision. There are a few short stories mixed in with one detailed one...Here's a short one. ENJOY!

I started off last week with a sober attitude. I missed my friends from MTI, and I missed Colorado. I missed being around a group of people who understood exactly what I was going through and supported me so much. I was sad.
Well, church on Sunday really helped (as I noted in an earlier post, which you should read). Then came Monday and Tuesday...back to work...back to my routined life. Tuesday night, howeve, I went to a missions meeting for missionaries, or people who are interested in missions, throughout the community. It was only my second visit, so I wasn't expecting a big welcome back ceremony or even for people to really remember me. They did though! They welcomed me with open arms. I even got the opportunity to share a little about my training at MTI and about my support needs.
After the meeting, one of the older men, whom I met back in December and gave my support brochure to, came up to me and said that they really had been thinking about me a lot and would like to help support me and that their church was possibly interested as well! WHAT?! I totally thought this man had forgotten all about me! I almost didn't want to go to the meeting because I was sad and still missing my friends, but God kept nudging me to go. I am so glad I did! The conversation wit the man was cut short, so I didn't get details, but just him saying he was interested blew me away, changed my attitude, and kicked off the awesomeness of the week.

Me being blown away!...ok, so it's a picture with cool effects from Darin's (guy from MTI going to Thailand) fancy pants mac computer....but whatever

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David Leppert said...

brittney, brittney, brittney, can't you see sometimes your blogs just hipnotize me. ok, that was random, but it is saturday and I am just surfing the blog scene and wanted to write something random and that is all I can think of. That's great about the gentleman and his church being interested in supporting you. I am encouraged by your faith and openess to what God has in store. Keep on keeping on!