Jan 28, 2007


Every Sunday that I am here in Colorado (except last weekend) I miss my church Fellowship Bible Church in Conway. Ken Wilson is amazing. I have never really trully appreciated him and the body as much as I do now. I feel fed. I feel at home. I feel purposeful. I feel growth. Today, I did not feel that.

We are encouraged each Sunday to go to a church that is out of your comfort zone. Today, I definitely did that. I went to a mega-church...we're talking thousands of people in attendance and millions of dollars spent. I was nauseated just being in the "mall" that they call the common area. I then ventured to the food court...yes, there was a "cafe" area, which was strikingly similar to a mall's food court. I was actually surprised by the size of the sanctuary, though. I figured it would be bigger...I mean, it was huge, but I suppose that's why they have like 4 services. Keeps it intimate...right... Seriously, though, why? I was told they just built a youth building that was $40 million. Why? Seriously, why do you need a $40 million dollar building? They're high school and junior high kids! Give them a garage or storage building and they're set! Come on! It's just frustrating. I know this church is missions-minded and possibly does a lot for the community, but...I just couldn't see it past the lights, fog, espresso, and moon-bounce (there was one at the entrance to the kids area; not joking). The message wasn't bad, though...not great, but not bad. I will give them that. It was a positive message on filling ourselves with healthy things and casting away the unhealthy things (sin). Scripture was used. Good. But the depth just wasn't there. I didn't feel challenged, moved, inspired, convicted, joyful, anything! I just felt sick.

I prayed a lot before going to this church. I prayed that God would help me not to judge and see them with open eyes, ears, and heart. I have very strong opinions about the mega-church, but I didn't want to go in with a prejudice, preconceived notion about how things would be. I truly felt God calmed my heart and helped me to step down from my soap box. I know it may not sound like it, though, as you read through my description of the church...really, though, I tried. I tried and that was my experience. That's me...just being honest. The biggest thing I got out of today was a deeper longing, appreciation, and love for my church. So...in the end...it was totally worth it.

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molly ruff said...

aww thanks for your message! hey i loved your passion in singing and writing our growth group song!!