Nov 8, 2006

Life or Death!!

I have a really important decision coming up. Tomorrow I am heading to Shawnee and Oklahoma City, Ok. There I will get to see one of my girls whom I have been discipling and who is now a freshman in college. Crazy. ALSO, I am going to stay with my aunt and uncle. They are amazing people, who are super important to me.'s where the important decision comes in to play...this weekend I will be making a change in my life. It's a big change.

I have been growing my hair out for about a year and a half now just to see how long I could get it. This is as long as it has ever been. I like it, I do. However, it's just time for a change. Normally I could care less about changing my hair, but this period of growth (literally) has been more than just growing my hair it has been a growth period for me as a person. So, this is a little hard to let go of. BUT I SHALL! I am, long hair--curly and straight (I like variety in my life). In 2 days my venture will be over. The hair will be cut and who knows what else! Here lies the decision: How should I get my hair cut?! My aunt is a cosmetologist, so she really does whatever she wants to my hair but I still do have some say. How short do I go? Color? Highlights?! Ponytail length? Get up, fluff, and go length? Too many options! So you can see my dilemma. I am choosing to do this because I miss the short hair. I've always been the twin with the short, curly hair. I've been told the long hair makes me look grown-up, more mature, but the short hair better fits my personality. My hair, though, does not define me. This, my friends, is a tough one.

*Disclaimer: Know that I am not seriously obsessed with my hair and it's style or length.*

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elizabeth said...

have you prayed about this yet?