Oct 31, 2006

Sometimes you just feel random

Seeing as today is Halloween, and I did absolutely nothing for it (except eat some candy), I thought I would just post some random pictures I found hiding on my computer. ENJOY!!

I figured this was the closest picture I had appropriate to the current holiday. We were kickin it at Walmart while attending a Fall Retreat in college. Nothin' like Walmart on a happenin Friday night! YA!

This, I though, could also be considered a costume-type photo. This is me back in high school when I was in the play My Fair Lady. I was the best darn cockny extra/dancer/maid/female ensemble extra EVER!

This is my family. An older picture but still a fun one. Don't we look jolly!

Here I'm teaching some high schoolers my groovy moves at a youth retreat. Ok, so I'm teaching them line dances! It was a lovely time and fun was had by all.

This is my sister, yes I am a twin, after pitching against OBU. She got a nasty scratch on her toe that game. Ouch! What a trooper.

This is my nephew James picking his nose. Isn't he adorable!

My dad sleeping on a boat ride instead of conversating with the family. Poor thing was sleepy.

Finally, my 26th birthday. Yes, my mom bought a cake and actually put 26 candles on it. A small fire arose and burnt down half the block, but that cake sure was tastey!

1 comment:

Tara Nicole said...

I had no idea there were two of you beautiful ladies!! WOW! I always wanted a twin sister...
Hope you have a great week!!!