Aug 27, 2006

Where did my mind...uh, I mean time...go?

I'm almost finished with my support folder. I finally sent out my first newsletter! I've titled it after one of my favorite set of verses, Romans 10:13-15. Man, God is really kicking my butt with all the things I have on my plate right now. Working at CBC is getting harder, so I'm very excited about going part-time--Sept. 5. Not that I don't like working there, it's just that my priority is support raising and sometimes my job at CBC feels like wasted time I could be working on support. Sometimes we have nothing to do, though sometimes we're super busy. At home I find myself spending hours on the computer--as in today; about 5 hours thus far--and still not being done. I'm officially a computer nerd. Great.
I need a digital camera. My digital video camera takes stinky pictures and these throw-away cameras just aren't cutting it. Just a side-note.
I have my first support appointment Tuesday, actually it's a practice appointment with a good friend who's been in full-time, support-based ministry for the past couple of years. I'm excited about getting started. Thursday I'm going to speak at a college ministry at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa!! This I can do...for some reason, I'm not as nervous about speaking in front of a big group than one-on-one. Maybe it's my ever-present need to entertain? Nah! I pray that it's not me up there speaking to those students that it's totally God. I am nothing, He is everything. The passion, the heart, the experience, everything, I have comes from Him.


Sarah Stuart said...

Yeah for being the first to comment!!! :o) My address is 27 Timberlane Trail know the rest. I like getting your newsletter. I hope you send some out when you're gone! Well, I've got to go get ready for my 8am class....see ya.

Megan said...

looks nice. can't wait to read all about your adventures. i got your newsletter in the mail this weekend. very nice!

lp said...

send me a newsletter!
i like you.