Aug 29, 2006

My Cup Overflows

I love friends. I just met with a very close friend who I haven't really gotten to spend much time with and who I won't see again for a while. We both met in a town an hour and a half away just to sit and talk for a couple hours, then went back home. I love her! I love those friends who know me...I mean really know me. There are those that know the high school Brittney, the college Brittney, the CBC Brittney, the missionary Brittney...but then there are those special few that have really taken the time to see all of me, to know all of me. Thank You.

God has blessed me with some amazing friends, and I just want to praise Him for that. I am not worthy of such a blessing. Thank you, Father, for being present in my life in so many ways...and one of those being through my dear friends.

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lp said...

dang. i so relate. how i long for someone to take the time to know ME....for ME. not what i DO. ya know? what a blessing it is to have friends like that. great to hear your words. i love you lots brit!