Dec 17, 2014


I know what you're thinking...yes, Garth Brooks is awesome.  BUT, unfortunately (or fortunately if you're one of THOSE people who don't like Sir Garth) this post isn't about my love for the soothing sounds of Garth.  I had a student come in my office today (btw, I work in financial aid again...sigh...but in Colorado, so it's at least pretty!) not only to ask about her aid for the Spring semester but also to try and sell me her book.



I was shocked.  At first I thought she just wanted to share some fun news about an accomplishment, but then the sales pitch came.  "Are you interested in my book?  It's only $20!  Such a good deal!"  Not lying.  This actually happened.  In an office of student financial aid...where money from the government is given to aid in achieving higher education.  *another sigh

1)  That's not a good deal.
B)  I can't believe you're trying to sell me the financial aid office...of a college.
3)  No, I'm not interested.

Congrats, though, on the accomplishment.


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