Dec 20, 2014


Dee, let's talk about animals, Dee.
What abou...t elephants?  Oh, I like elephants, Ben!  You like elephants, Dee?  Oh yes, Ben.
What abou...t zrebas?  Do you like zrebas, Ben?  I like zrebas too!
What abou...t giraffes?  And lions, and hippos, and peacocks, and monkeys....

This can last for quite a while.  This boy LOVES his animals, and I am the privileged one who he wants to lay in bed with and chat about them.  I LOVE being his Dee, so very very much.

Brooke somehow snuck in and captured this moment.  This particular time we were telling these animals to "Get Up!" because he didn't want it to be time to go to sleep.  

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