May 2, 2013

TRANSITION SUCKS, but is exciting too

Leaving, moving, coming & going.  These are constant themes in my life.  It seems right when I get comfortable, settle into the big comfy chair of my current life, God decides it's time for a change.  Well, I blame it on God any way.  I'm moving again, this time to Boulder, Colorado.  When I was in Ukraine, I said if I ever moved back to America I wanted to live in Colorado.  Well, here I go! 

BOULDER CANYON CHURCH - (under construction, but it'll be up soon..ish)

This is part of the reason I'm off to Colorado.  Brooke and Garrett have felt pulled to Boulder for several years now and starting a church there.  That is finally happening as God has opened so many doors and done some crazy amazing things.  Ask Garrett to tell you stories; there are some doozies!  You can actually support them and the church HERE to learn how.  OR go HERE to give a one-time gift.  Make sure you select "BOULDER - GARRETT & BROOKE REA". 

So B&G asked me to come with them, and even though I've become somewhat of a wimp I said ok.  I mean, who can say no to this:

Now you see what I was up against.  Extreme cuteness prevailed.  So here I am, quitting my job in financial aid and moving all my crap from one house to another then again to another.  I'm getting up from my comfy chair to sit in an uncomfortable hemp chair that is awkward, a little painful, and difficult.  Hopefully I'll find a new comfy chair in Boulder.  We'll see.  I'll let you know.

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