May 15, 2013


Ok, no this isn't a post about MTV in Panama City, fringed shirts, airbrushing, and dancing on blocks.  We're on vacation!  The family has traversed the strange lands of Southeastern Arkansas, Northern Louisiana, and Mississippi to reach our ultimate destination of Gulf Shores, Alabama.  Shockingly it is lovely here!  I've been to the Gulf before in Beaumont, Texas, and it was not lovely.  AND it's Alabama.  I've just never thought of Alabama as a vacation destination.  Never really thought of Gulf Shores before, but I assure you it is lovely.  Beautiful white sands, clean water (not brown like in Beaumont), and good food.  My mom found this great duplex that we are all staying: 5 bedrooms, 3 bath, kitchen, laundry, dining room, living room, two decks, and a pool!  This place is amazing, and makes the vacation even more a relaxing get away.  Better still it is right on the beach, so step on to our deck and BAM! there's the ocean.  Just lovely.  You may think, "hmm, not sure about duplex because of the people you have to share a wall with."  I get your concern, but "Thank You, Jesus!" we lucked out big time with the best wall-sharing neighbors one could have: a group of retired men and women--from Arkansas!--here for a family reunion!  Sweet!  Ok, enough of my explaining and excitement, here are some pics.



Ben trying out the ocean...hesitantly 

Definitely did not care for it

Meme, trying to make Ben laugh

Showing Ben how one can dive gracefully into a pool of water

Grandparents loving to watch their little boy play

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