Nov 15, 2012


After being approached by a co-worker asking if I'm a crafter or not, I found myself committed to a booth at a local craft fair supporting a local high school.  WHAT?!  Never in my life have I thought of myself as a crafter, artist, or anything as such.  I think I am a creative person and have always enjoyed dabbling in the arts--aka I liked to draw when I was younger and was big into theatre.  I also have always enjoyed going to craft fairs.  They are one of the best things about Arkansas in the Fall.  I mainly went for the food rather than the names carved out of wood or barn scenes painted on hand saws.  I love them none-the-less, and can appreciate the effort and skill it takes the venders to create what they are selling.

Since I've moved back to the States and gained a job where not much creativity is needed, I have found myself being drawn to painting canvasses, making crafts, Pinterest, and re-purposing furniture.  This is surprising to me when I reflect upon the pieces I've made.  I am shocked that I've made fabric flowers for my hair, a chevron painting for my office, an end table for my living room, and yarn bottles for my dining room.  Really, I've never been this person.  I LOVE it, though!  I find it thrilling every time I create something out of nothing, or something better out of something old and drab.  I guess, now, I am a crafter.

Here's the craft fair at which my friends and I are holding a booth:

You should come!  It's Saturday, December 8.  Come and check it out.  Buy stuff.  Or just come and say, "YAY, Brittney, you're a crafter!"  It's up to you. 

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