Mar 9, 2012


Two words that are very near to me and have been major players in my life:  Skype and sinus infections.  One being far more enjoyable than the other, of course.  I'll let you figure out which one.  I don't know why but I have been plagued most of my life with sinus infections.  Maybe it's because I got hit in the nose with a softball (Brooke's fault, noted) back in high school, and my sinus headaches have never been the same.  It's annoying.  I have one now, a sinus infection.  However, because of my emergency trip to Ohio, I have no more sick days left to take off from work, so I must persevere through the battle and play the part of "Super Healthy & Capable Financial Aid Analyst" today.  Seven and a half hours to go...

Skype--you guessed it!--is the much more enjoyable one!  Skype is a blessing.  Skype has been my best friend for years.  It has provided me with a medium to communicate not only verbally but also non-verbally (because we can see each other, but I suppose you could've put that together) with my family and friends, whom all at one point have lived in different countries, states, and cities.  It's wonderful.  I would love to meet Mr. Skyperton and give him either a huge hug or hearty handshake (depending on his creepiness; you never know; stranger danger).  I would. I would tell him how so many times his invention has saved my life, refreshed my soul, healed my heart, brought my worlds together, given me sweet reunions, and made me laugh so hard I peed a little.  

I got to Skype yesterday with my sister, Garrett, mom, and BEN! while they were in the hospital in Findlay, Ohio VIA our cell phones.  Amazing.  Best ending to a crappy sinus-infection day.     

Gotta give you more pictures, duh.
Ben looks so much like Brooke (and I suppose me too) here!

Much to my protest, Ben adorning Garrett's beloved Razorbacks

Ben loves his Daddy

Holding his Meme's hand...I can't wait for him to hold mine.

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