Nov 20, 2011


My roommate, Kristen, and I are basically tons 'o fun.  That's right, anyone would be lucky to share a two-bedroom with either of us.  With that said, we like to go out, kick up our heels (or chacos, depending on the occasion), and take pictures of our antics.  Here are some photos to tell the story of our beautiful times together.  Granted, this is merely a taste, for no amount of photos can truly capture our fun-ness.  Enjoy.  
Gotta start every "Day of Fun!" off with the right breakfast

Doing a little shopping...get it, "little"?!  Cause the outfit is little, like for a toddler.

Trying out the hooded towels

Kristen modeling a stroller, car seat combo, as we do baby research for my sister

Scary mobil

Roommate Painting Day!

Nothing like browning meat that brings two friends together

...and grating cheese

...and enjoying a lovely meal together


This could be an ad campaign for awesome, super fun roommates.

This is my sweet smile!

We LOVE Hobby Lobby & the sweet sweet treasures one can find gigantic pumpkins

I have a "healthy" addiction to s'mores, so it was hard to resist buying all these cute mugs.

More Hobby Lobby love.


lp said...

love to see a snippet of your life. thanks for the pictures! i love the aprons. and, did one of you paint the pic above the dining room table? heart feels a bit happy knowing it gets a bit of deb in it soon...

brookejrea said...

So funny. You guys are so fun!