Jun 28, 2011


I have recently been enchanted by The Pioneer Woman.  She is brilliant.  She's funny, smart, and so...normal...in the best way.  She not only has a witty blog and beautiful photography but also deliciously tasty treats featured on her website.  I came across her post about Cinnamon Toast.  Now, to me, cinnamon toast is a staple in my childhood breakfast memories.  I love cinnamon toast...french toast more, but when one can't have french toast, I go for the cinnamon.  When I saw she had not only a strong opinion about how proper cinnamon toast is made but also had a different recipe than my mom's, I HAD to try it.  Try it I did.  I basically whipped up a batch immediately after reading the post. 

The result:  Pure Deliciousness.  I didn't think cinnamon toast could get any better.  I was wrong.  The bread was not merely topped with butter, cinnamon, and sugar but immersed in it...with a twist.  The toast was delicate with the perfect amount of crisp from the broiler.  It was as if I was eating something expensive and sinful.  Note: The Pioneer Woman's version is definitely not for those looking to cut butter out of their diets.  You MUST try this recipe.  Yes, that is an order.  Here is the link to her particularly perfect cinnamon toast recipe blog post:  Cinnamon Toast The Right Way.  Read it.  Cook it.  Love it.

p.s. Check out her Photography page.  I submitted a "Funny Face" photo of Abby, the smaller lazy partner in my parents' dog duo.

Abby cheesin' it up


lp said...

i <3 pioneer woman!! glad you read her too.

Crystal Mazzuca said...

Of course I had to hop over here and read this :) My enchantment/obsession with her has recently begun. I'm excited to make her iced coffee recipe!

BritBoat said...

Mine too, Crystal. I actually am making her iced coffee today! It is currently nestled away on the kitchen counter top sleeping aka steeping. I'm excited.

Angela said...

I am a reluctant appreciator of the pioneer woman. I have an incredible blueberry muffin recipe of hers: BEST EVER BLUEBERRY MUFFINS! A friend turned me on to that recipe, but other than that I haven't done any reading of hers. Now, I must admit that when I was reading that blog post I found my own approach in there. At first I thought she was just going to be doing it my way... I also grew up on cinnamon toast and my mom (taught by her mother) taught me to heavily butter 1 or both sides of the bread and heavily sprinkle with sugar and cinnamon. Then put under the broil I may or may not try this new recipe... as it may change my life!