Mar 15, 2011


After living in Ukraine, where Winter lasts 7 months out of the year, one yearns for Spring, and when it comes rejoicing happens.  Fall used to be my favorite season: all the reds, oranges, and yellows perfectly blending to make the world around me glow.  Now, though, Spring has taken the lead.  Something about it helps me to breathe more easily.  Seeing the raw, winter branches with touches of white and pink blooms, awakes a hope inside of me.  Green creeps back into the color palette winter left brown and grey.  Tulips sprouting up out of the moist ground, reminding you that they have been resting in the soil waiting to bloom at the perfect moment.  New life is happening before your eyes.  
It's Spring, and I LOVE IT!

Have to include some pictures of Abby and Molly!!


Ірина Єрошко said...

It's not true. Winter in Ukraine lasts 3 monthes only!

BritBoat said...

Ok, fine. BUT winter weather--for me--lasts 7 months. It snows October to April!

Nadia said...

Lovely pictures! :)

Komal said...

That's fabulous! Spring is my favorite season. :)