Aug 11, 2010


Not only was "REDEEM" the theme of this summer (our JV camps' theme) but also "my electronics hate me."  Let me give you the breakdown: 

MAY:     ~My MacBook died...just decided one day that it didn't want to work anymore
~Lost my cell phone on the train, thus losing all my contacts. Thankfully I was able to use an intern phone the rest of the summer and got my phone number back from  the operator. 

JUNE:    ~As I was uploading pictures on my "working" Dell computer (it is about to die...I pray over it daily!), it erased all the pictures on my camera I had taken from May and June.  

JULY:    ~Dropped my video camera (which claims to be "shock proof), and it stopped working properly.  Now you can only see things on the screen in reverse.            
~At our rafting camp, my NEW digital camera fell into a bucket of water and beets and now doesn't work at at.
~My klanka (water heater thingy) stopped working for two weeks--when we got back from rafting camp and from English camp. 

AUG.:   ~The intern phone now only works sometimes when I receive calls.            
~Water heater still not hot water             
~Sometimes my Dell goes to a blue screen then shuts down...yep, time for a new computer all around.

So, there you have it!  All things electronic/technological hate me!  I have no smoothly functioning camera, phone, water heater, and computer.  Ok, so I don't tell you all this for you to pity me or to get a "poor Brittney" out of you.  I share this because typically if all of this were to happen, I'd be freaking out, angry, and super bitter.  But I'm not!  I tell you all this to show you God's amazing ability to give peace and grace through difficult times.  God has given me such a calm spirit that truly surpasses my comprehension.  Seriously, normally I wouldn't be so calm!  However, He has shown me what I do have and what does work in my life.  That material possessions are so very temporary, and that life is so much more than that.  Also, He will provide!  In mighty ways, He will provide.  It still stinks that I don't have a camera, a working phone, or a well-working computer...but all I can do is shrug my shoulders, say that it is just life, praise God for what I do have, and keep on moving.  

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