Mar 12, 2010


Growing up, every winter--especially Christmas time--I remember hoping and praying for snow...just a little; it didn't have to be a lot. Though, the odds were pretty stacked against me as we went to Burburnett/Wichita Falls, Texas for Christmas, a place infamous for its year-round hot and dry weather. Every few years we'd have a dusting of snow, which satisfied me for the time being...the feel of the powder, like I was walking in a big bowl of snow cones! Getting to build things out of it, and see everything covered in a beautiful blanket of white. I thought that one day, when I "grew up", I would live somewhere that had more distinct seasons, and I would have my beautiful, snowy winter every year.

Reflecting on the winter wonderment I had a child, I sit here looking outside my window in Lviv, Ukraine watching snow pour from the sky. However, my feelings today are so very far from what they were back then. Rather than watching the snow in awe, I sit here irritated and cursing the little white flakes as they cover the ground. I got my wish...however, I'm over it. It's supposed to stop at some point right? I also love Spring....when is that going to come huh? It's March! MARCH! It's supposed to snow in December-February...or maybe some in November, but not in October (which it does here) and definitely not in March. Lord bring us Spring! Now my hopes and prayers have changed to green grass, flowers blooming, fresh colorful vegetables, sunshine warming my face, and being able to walk down a dry sidewalk without worry of slipping on ice and breaking a hip.
But it is pretty, isn't it? :-)


Alice Robbins said...

Understand the feeling! I am sitting here looking at my 3rd morning of SNOW!!! I did not mind it in Colorado because it would be gone and the day would be in the 60's, but Poland. . . it is a different "Spring" snow season! AHHHHH! Bring the Spring! Bring the Spring!

Big Sis or the old lady!!!! said...

Something to consider baby sis! On the FIRST DAY of spring in the southern Missouri and NW Arkansas we received the gift of 6 inches of slushy, smooshy SNOW! However, to that end, today is a new day. It was a little overcast later in the day, but most of the snow has now melted and the grass is starting to green up a bit. The daffodils are starting to bloom, so proof positive spring is on the way. Believe little sister, it will come. I know even though you are currently in a frozen state, the world will soon start to bloom! Strictly because you BLOOM! You are beautiful and you can get thru even the coldest of days, with your sunny disposition. Just remember spring is more than a state of mind, give it a little bit more time and you will feel the warm sun kissing your cheeks and your eyes will see the wonderful blooming changes of Spring Soon! Love you..