Nov 7, 2009


I got in a car accident this week. It sucked. I cried a lot. Everyone's ok...just sore. I've been laying down a lot, trying to nurse my soreness to a point when I can walk normally and not like an 80-year-old woman. I'm almost there! Anyway, I say all this to applaud my great friends and loving family. Seriously. I am super blessed. My parents have called me every day since then to check and see how I'm doing. Wednesday night (day of the accident), my sister called me every two hours (until she went to bed) to make sure I was ok and not suffering from a fatal concussion or something. The Hughes are fantastic; I feel completely loved by them. The Ukrainians I have talked to have pleaded for me to go to the doctor--which I didn't do, cause I'm fine really--to make sure I'm completely fine. My friend Yulia especially. She came over on Thursday and tried to help me out with anything I needed, though I didn't need anything. She was happy to find that I needed to take out my trash, so she made me say yes to her doing it.

So, "who is Yulia?", you may ask. Yulia is a 19-year-old girl whom I have been meeting with weekly. She is the sweetest thing! I met her at the church I formerly attended here in Lviv, and now she actually goes to the church I moved to. There is such a spirit in Yulia that immediately drew me in. She has such a beautiful heart for God and for youth ministry, though she is a youth herself. She continues to become more and more involved with our "youth group" (not technically a youth group in the typical sense, as 98% of the students are not Christians). She has such leadership potential! I can totally see her leading it all one day. When we get together it's such a sweet time of getting to know each other better--both in English and in Ukrainian. It's so fun to sit back afterwards and reflect on how in the world we were able to communicate on the level we did. I'm getting to know her deeper, beyond the "what are you studying" and "do you like Lviv" shallow questions. It's nice. It's good to have someone to connect with and feel like I'm pouring into. It's been a while. Yulia is soaking it all in. As am I.


lp said...

i had no idea you were going through this! that sucks alot...but i'm glad you're experiencing love in the midst of it. and being forced to receive it. :)

BritBoat said...

Thanks friend. Ya, I didn't so much tell a lot of people. I didn't want to make a bigger deal out of it than it people get freaked out pretty easily, i.e. my mom. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey... I don't get freaked out.... I was calm.... I have matured! haha Love Mom