Oct 1, 2009


Our youth leaders at church decided we needed to have a dating conference. It is fantastic how organized and prepared our group is! They've been planning this for over a month. However, when it comes to promotion, creativity is sometimes lacking. So when they asked me for some ideas of how we can more creatively promote the Dating Conference, I let 'em have it! At first they laughed off my idea, but when they saw I was serious they gave me the reigns. Here was my suggestion:

This is Max (one of my students) and I playing the parts of boyfriend and girlfriend. My idea was to make a scene while passing out flyers. Rather than just going to one of Lviv's universities and passing out flyers that they will throw away minutes later, I thought let's give them something they will remember and make them look twice at that flyer! So Max and I (more so I, as you can tell) got all dressed up and situated ourselves right in the middle of a large group of students at Lviv Polytechnical University. We then proceeded to act out a fight scene. It started with him giving me some flowers then escalated to us yelling at each other...me yelling in English and him in Ukrainian--this was to show how men and women sometimes seem like they're speaking different languages and just don't understand each other. The fight ended with me yelling "Men!", Max yelling "Women!" (in Ukrainian), and standing arms folded facing away from each other in frustration. Igor then came out, made an announcement, and others passed out flyers. So many students just stood there starring, shocked at what was going on. Alot of students laughed, and everyone got a flyer. Not sure how affective it was, but we sure had a great time! We'll see who shows up!


Samantha said...

hahaha that's incredible, Brittney!

erinw said...

you are awesome :)

Claire Patty said...

thats so funny Brittney! Way to go! :D