Mar 22, 2009


All the single ladies...all the single ladies...put your hands up!
Ok, no, I'm not going to quote the whole song; I just thought it was an appropriate beginning to this post. So...I'm single. I'm 28, and I'm single. Lately, this has been a prominent topic in my head. I've actually had trouble sleeping because it's in my head and won't go away. Sometimes I just go through these phases when it's a more primary issue than other is one of those times. I'm definitely not feeling the "I'm single, and I'm proud!" emotion right now. It's more like "Ya, I'm single *cue 'wha wha' sound, then sigh*".

I recently read an article about the term "singles". It was about how that can be a derogatory term, and how we ("we" being the unmarried) should be looked upon as more than that and what the label entails. Then it says that "celibate" is a better term. I disaggree. I think "celibates" has an even bigger label to it than "singles"! Sure the term basically means obstaining from sex, but it's also looked upon as a lifelong with nuns. I am no nun, nor do I want to be. I don't know about you, but I have no intention of throwing that term around anytime soon. At church I choose the singles group over the celibate group any day. Some people feel called to celibacy, but not this chick.

Then I read a sermon about singleness, hoping it would help me out of my current fixation on my marital status...nope, it didn't. It was more about being comment.

I know there are many gifts and priviledges that come with being single. I can travel to a different country for Jesus without having to worry about separation anxiety from my boyfriend or if my husband has the same calling. I am learning all about myself, the ins and outs of me. I have the opportunity of learning to lean, and practice leaning, on God for everything rather than others. There is an intimacy I can experience with my creator than may only be experienced when you are alone. I can sleep on both sides of the bed any time I want, or I don't have to clean up anyone else's excess hair!! Nonetheless...I know these things...I embrace them...I remind myself of them daily...sometimes it's just harder than others. It's one of those times.


Samantha said...

I will be praying for you with this -- I love and miss you! I know that God is using you for great things over there, even if you don't see them all right now!

Lindsey Watson said...

you are not alone. :) i feel the same way lots of the time!!

Collin said...

Brittney Rules

lp said...

have you seen justin timberlake do the beyonce dance? or the sasha fierce dance...? complete w/ leotard and heels.

i love you much deb.