Jul 8, 2008


1. I’m sad because the Iowa team just left. They were a piece of home for me. So it was extra hard to say goodbye. We had tons of fun (creation of the “Photo Shoot Game”), and they were a great asset at our Cherkasy English camp. I was blessed with an opportunity to get closer with old friends and make some amazing new ones. Miss you guys. Tough parts of being a missionary.

2. I’m sick. I have a sinus and upper respiratory infection. I know this because I saw a doctor yesterday. My first doctor’s visit in Ukraine. Not gonna lie, I was nervous. He came recommended, though, which helped. Dr. Krupen actually came to my apartment. I didn’t think house calls still existed. They do. He did normal check-up stuff, and then proceeded to wave a red light at my head…He said that it’s to wake up the healthy cells to help make me feel better. Now at that point, I was hoping that wasn’t going to be the only treatment he would give me. Thankfully he then gave me some antibiotics—known, FDIC approved antibiotics. Yep, it was an interesting experience.

3. I have no internet at my apartment. Not cool. I’ve been spoiled by having the luck of staying at people’s houses with internet. Alas, I do not. I hope to have it turned back on at some point; although, it may not happen until August. Until then, it’s internet cafés or my teammates’ apartments.

We’ve finished our first camp in Cherkasy, and on Thursday we head out to our second with a church here in Lviv. The New Jersey team arrives today along with our final addition to the intern team, Stephanie Brant (was an intern last summer & could only do it part of this summer). I’m looking forward to having another girl around.


Eric Prior said...

It seems your whole team (Josh, Chris, and you) got sinus infections while none of the Iowa-team did. Hmmm... makes you wonder how you guys got it.

Well, we just got in. I'm soo tired. Home-stay went really well... for the most part. I'll write you about it after I sleep.

Have fun in Lviv!

BritBoat said...

Ya, Josh is feeling better at least. Chris, not so much, and I am trying my darndest to feel better...my body just doesn't seem to want me to, though.
Glad you guys are all well, though.

Thomas texted me when ya'll got in...like 5am here...goodtimes. It was nice, though. We miss you guys! Definitely let me know how the trip went.

lp said...

you make me smile.