Jun 7, 2008


One of my favorite things we did during the Amazing Race was hitchhiking. That's right we did it. We were stuck in this tiny town about 30 km (kilometers, you can figure out the mileage) away from our destination. We could take a train that would get us there in about 2+ hours, with one connection. We did not like this option. THUS an executive decision was made--I will admit that I did play a major role in this decision--and we decided to hitchhike. I was so excited! It just felt like such an adventure! We were going to get to our destination in a creative, cheap way!

Unfortunately, a downside to this plan soon arose. No one stopped. We walked and walked, for about an hour. THEN finally a woman stopped and picked up three of us, leaving Ben, Chris, and Valentyna to fend for themselves. Kristy, Josh, and I got to our destination and went searching for this castle we had to take a picture of. Alas, the other group still had not been picked up. Another hour went by, and finally the other group got picked up! YAY! Overall the entire trip took us 3 hours and 20 minutes. Not sure if it ended up being more time efficient, but it sure was more excitng!


The Stain Family said...

That does sound exciting...glad it was a safe decision too! :)

Rebecca said...

how fun!! Great to hear more about how you are doing Brittney. Any new adventures? Can't wait to see what's next for you. I am in Philly, and actually, we just got back from a weekend trip to NYC! It was really fun, and really really crowded!