Apr 27, 2008


Yesterday my family had a surprise going away party for me. It was awesome! I was genuinely surprised! This is shocking because my mom is terrible at keeping a secret. She did a great job, though. As did Brooke and Garrett with getting people there. I loved it. When we walked in and everyone said, "Surprise!", I almost left the room because I just started crying. I had a great time of saying goodbye and spending some last few hours with some dear friends and family. This leaving, this saying goodbye, is really tough. I'm glad I don't have to go through it alone.

Ok, I have to go cry now. :-)

I spent the night last night with my sister. It was great! We set up her & Garrett's new webcam, so we can talk over skype when I'm in Ukraine. Here's a fun picture we took.


lp said...

tears nearly escaped my eyes as i read this. awesome my friend!

Rebecca said...

Hey girl!! Hope you are well...how is Ukraine?

Gar said...

Hey goofy. We are reading your blog!!!!!!!!!

Chainsaw McGee said...

I wanted to read yer blawg but couldnt

BritBoat said...

I'm sorry it's so difficult for you, Chainsaw. I'll try to write the next post with simpler words.