Mar 17, 2008

Where It All Began

Lately I have been taking a step back. Stepping back to when it all started: when my relationship with God truly got ignited, when my heart broke for the nations, when God spoke into my heart for Eastern Europe, and when my purpose for Ukraine became solidified.

I've been watching some old home videos. Brooke and I were so silly and video taped any and everything. However, there are a lot of gems in the midst of useless footage. It's so funny going back, watching the Brittney of 2001, 2002, 2003, etc. How I've changed. It's good to see, to see how I've changed/grown. This is good for me. Really good. I needed to go back and feel that fire...feel that passion that drove me to here, to right now. It's a sweet feeling that I need to desperately hold on to especially here, especially right now.

Loveland Pass,CO - Kaleo 2002

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