Jan 5, 2008

Long Winding Road...

On a lighter note...Here are some pictures from my travels in December. Enjoy!


Remember these cool pencils?! Random, I know.

I got the amazing opportunity to speak to a 6th grade class at a Christian school in Tulsa. We talked about missions in general, being a missionary, and about Ukraine. The kids had some great questions, and it was a lot of fun!

My friend Stephanie and I playing around during a class I wasn't speaking to (Steph's sister, Michelle, was the teacher, so we got away with it). We met on a softball field 17 years ago under The Hurricanes banner. Now, we are those girls that sit around and talk about "back in the day"...well, at least I am.


The gorgeousness that is Iowa in the winter

A highlight of my trip was this pair of pants adorned by Collin, as Jenna and Liz so beautifully point out. Aren't they amazing?! They're blowing your mind aren't they?!

Another highlight of my visit: Chaco Etnies AND My Support Dessert. It was a magical evening! YAY Chaco Etnies and Support Raising!

I was a little nervous about going sledding again after "the incident" last January in Colorado, but I sucked it up and had a great time...tailbone intact

Enjoying our last night together at Iowa City's first Sonic. Memories


Brooke and my dad enjoying a good book at my Aunt Karen's house

My Aunt Kim, Meme (Grandma), Aunt Karen, and mom Carol...Lovely Ladies


Brooke and Garrett in awe of the Christmas tree and its wonder

Molly opening up the gifts in her stocking

My niece Katie, nephew James, and sister Dewenda. They thought it was hilarious to lay on me, but as my lungs collapsed, I didn't laugh.

Family photo. This is when we discovered that my dad lost the ability to smile in pictures.

The End


Kimberly said...

i'm glad to hear that this sledding escapade was a lot less painful than the last. i know it was super painful for you and all, but it was seriously one of the most incredible sledding moments i've ever seen. i'm glad i was able to share it (well, not the pain) with you. thanks for reminding me of that!

Brooke said...

I love those pictures! You're silly, and we have such a funny family!