Aug 22, 2007

No, I'm Sorry, I Will Not Marry You

Our first English camp of the summer was in a small town, almost a village, called Zdolbuniv. It is the most hardcore camping camp that we do. We are in the middle of no where, with a lake to provide water, a generator to provide electricity, and a tent to provide shelter. Physically it's a hard camp, but socially it's a lot of fun.

We did not have an American youth team to help us with camp, so all relationships were ours for the taking....or denying, in my case. There was one special 19-year-old guy at camp that just could not get him enough Brittney! With what started with a joke, or so I thought, became way too real. Collin (fellow intern) taught the beginners English class, and he liked to teach them fun sentences to say to the other interns. Most of the time the sentences were something like "Brittney smells like feet." Well, one day Collin taught Vanya how to say, "Brittney, I love you!", "Brittney, dance with me!", and "Brittney, marry me!" because I think he noticed Vanya started to like me. It was funny at first and sweet, but then it was all Vanya would say to me in a very passionate way. He started planning our honeymoon (not lying), as I told him about how it wouldn't work out...a little awkward. So, I had to let the poor kid down gently. He didn't speak to me much the rest of that day. But I think we're good now.

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