Jun 14, 2007

Old McSasha Had A Farm...And On That Farm He Had A:

Our first homestay in Zdolbuniv, Ukraine went...well...interesting.

Plus: cats, dogs, turkeys, and large flying insects.


lp said...

hilarious!! i love it soooo dang much. i hadn't checked your blog in awhile and i was pleasantly surprised.

molly ruff said...

hey britteny!! aww imiss you too! hey sorry i missed your im skype thing last night... i didnt even know i was signed on! how are you!?

Eric said...

More team pictures! More team pictures! More team pictures!

Well, gtg - seening Evan Almighty tonight!

Oh, I sent u an SMS but I probably figured you had no idea who it was from. It was about you in a dress. ^^

Leah said...

that is one large rabbit. Brit! see you at fall conf, hahhhaaaa haaaaa! :)