Feb 25, 2007

God Party Part 5

Just when you're praying for one person to support you, God supplies five+ people! These happened to me the past three weeks.

I was at Bible study (the day after the iPod lady God moment--see the post "God Party Part 4"). It was my first time back since I had been gone, so I was a little quiet...getting acquainted to what was going on. It was prayer request time. I didn't say anything...honestly I wasn't totally paying attention. Then our leader announced that I had a prayer request for support! Thanks Terry! It was really cool to have someone else bring it up for once. :-) I gave a little overview about my needs, then we prayed. Right after that two women came up to me, whom I had NOT asked about supporting me, and told me that they'd like to support me!! SO COOL!

That very next Sunday at church I was just chatting with some friends after the service when a woman, whom I had already met with about supporting me monthly, came up to me. Before, in our meeting, she had said that she wouldn't be able to support me monthly but gave a one-time gift, which was great! Well, she came up to me after church and told me that she had changed her mind and decided to support me monthly! I thanked her profusely and told her I was going to cry (I pretty much cry every time someone says they want to support me!), and she said she was going to cry too. Awesome has God works in each of us.

I finally got up the courage to ask this one woman for support. I was sure she had never even considered supporting me. I was nervous, but I did it. As I gave her my brochure, she said that she had actually already been to my blogsite, downloaded the brochure on it, and was thinking about the possibility of supporting me. There aren't words to describe how I feel just typing this story.

I had lunch with an old friend from high school/college whom I haven't seen in a while. We ran into each other a couple days before, talked briefly about what we've been up to...told a little about me going to Ukraine, that I'm raising support and all...anyway. So, he called me the next day saying he'd like to go to lunch. We've been friends forever and have had several catch-up lunches, so I was expecting just that...a catch-up lunch. WELL we were just talking, and he just keeps asking me all these questions about Ukraine, what I'll be doing there, etc. Then he asks, straight-up, if there was a way he could help me with support?! I was a little shocked, honestly, I was not expecting him to be interested at all. I mean, I know he cares about me and about what I'm doing in life, but I've never asked him for support before. I said sure! I'm not going to turn anyone down! I gave him a very brief support presentation, and asked what he was thinking about doing support-wise. He said that he would like to give me a one-time gift and said a specific, generous dollar amount. I almost spit out my salad and started to tear up. My friend demanded that I not cry, or at least wait until we parted (a guy thing, I guess). I mean, it's just not an amount someone comes up with on the spot! God must have really been making him think about this within the two days we saw each other then had lunch! So cool! I knew this wasn't a support appointment and wasn't expecting it to turn into one, but before I went to meet him I decided to bring my support information. I just felt like I needed to bring it...totally God...so I had the informtation in my car to give to him!

After church today I was at the grocery store checking out some produce. Two families from my church came in one after the other. Kooky. We said our hellos then went about shopping. As we all looked for produce, one of the ladies called me over. Turns out that both families are in the same community group (small groups at my church), a community group which I have been trying to get a hold of to schedule a support presentation. They proceeded to tell me that they have been talking about me in their group and would like to put on a fundraiser for me!

Man...why do I ever waste my time and energy worrying about and doubting God's provision? Why?!


molly ruff said...

That is beautiful brittney! wow i am so excited for you! I have really been praying for your support to come it, and its so cool how God chooses specific people and ways and timing to do it!

amanda said...

your stories are so great! i love them! :-)

Brooke said...

This is so cool stinky. Garrett and I are in constant prayer for you.