Nov 14, 2006

Joy Joy Joy JOY Down in My Heart! *clap clap*

Ok, I need to get to bed, but I really feel like posting something that's not about my hair. Something with some depth to it. :-)

Joy. I really have so much JOY! Tonight I met with a community group from my church about Ukraine and supporting me. Honestly, I was pretty nervous about it because I did not know any of them. I was praying something fierce for God to totally be there because I was having such a hard time relaxing....Man, ya'll, it was awesome. This was a group of 3 older couples (1 from Maine, 1 from Washington State, and one from California--how in the world did they get to Arkansas!) who fed me dinner, asked tons of questions, really listened, and seemed just as excited as I am to go. God is so great!

Tonight I met myself 40ish years from now. Darlene is an amazing woman. She just glowed as I answered her questions and talked about the harvest being plentiful. I love her. We are kindred spirits. She was bubbly, personable, and loved to talk. Just like me! We talked about how we love to be silly and outgoing but also can be organized and serious. She seemed just as tickled by our similarities as I was. I honestly could have talked to her all night. God totally put her there tonight to be my angel. I truly believe that. I've never been one to connect with the older crowd. They typically just don't get me or my sarcastic humor. Darlene got me. Actually, to an extent, they all did. My heart, my passion, is for youth. Tonight, my heart got opened to all ages. I have so much joy.

Isn't it crazy how God's just in every little thing and how He provides eventhough you think there's no hope in certain situations. We chalk it up as a loss even before we start, but then you feel this pang inside of you telling you "I got this."

I love God. I have so much joy about where He is leading me. I have joy about where I am eventhough it's hard. I have joy. Some people tell me I'm too optimistic and too happy. Is that possible? Can you be too happy? Plus, there are definitely times when I am not happy, but regardless I have joy. I want to exude joy and infect others with it. Everytime someone looks into my eyes, my hope is that they see the joy in my soul, they see a deep spiritual peace. My heart is full.

This (big one in the middle) is Young Seymour from the movie Happy Feet. I haven't even seen the movie yet, but I watched the trailer and this little cutie can rap! It's hilarious! You can watch it at: (Trailer No.2).
So much joy!

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