Aug 31, 2006

Roll Tide?

I am currently in Tuscaloosa, AL at the University of Alabama. Now I'm supposed to say, "ROLL TIDE!!" If you want to know what that means, I now know so feel free to ask. :-) Ok, now that I have that out of the way. I spoke tonight at the Wesley Foundation, where my friend (former youth group member) goes. I was nervous, not going to lie, because I'm not Methodist, and I wasn't sure how big a deal that was or if I could or couldn't say certain things. Thankfully, it didn't matter. Most of the students there weren't Methodist either, including my friend. Whew. It went really well. I totally felt God's presence and His leading to say certain things and not say certain things. I told them upfront that I was blunt and was going to tell them like it is. I talked about missions, my passion, God's passion=people & glory being given to Him. I told them that they are now accountable. There's no excuse to not play a role in God's Great Commission. ............... It was also such an encouragement. I got a lot of compliments and even interest in possibly helping support me! So cool! It's all God.
........Thank You, Lord, for that opportunity.........I'm off to Huntsville tomorrow to see some more friends. Good times!

Yay for new friends.

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